FireFTP ftw!

This is only indirectly related to Ubuntu or Linux, so I’ll keep it brief: FireFTP is probably one of the coolest plugins for Firefox I’ve ever seen.

I’ve never liked gFTP; I find it slow, clunky and counterintuitive. It also has some default startup options I think are too obscure to be useful. I only use it begrudgingly, because it seems to be one of the few “working” FTP options for Linux.

At the same time, I use SmartFTP at work, but it is so completely hamstrung by nag screens and built-in sabotage (like eradicating your favorites) that it’s hardly an option there, either.

Since I use Firefox at home and at work, the FireFTP extension is an absolute godsend. Straightforward, easy to figure out and it does the job well. Browser integration is … well, it’s already integrated. It’s open-source, cross-platform and actively maintained. And for the newcomers, it’s even easier than sudo aptitude install — just point Firefox at the extension page, and follow through.

P.S.: Works great in Iceweasel, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰


3 thoughts on “FireFTP ftw!

  1. Derek

    FileZilla 3.0 is included with Feisty!

    The one thing about fireftp that I didn’t like is the fact that it won’t work with drag and drop. It doesn’t work with gftp either.

  2. dragonopolis

    Not only does it not work with drag and drop I also found out that it has a 4 GB download limit so I can not download any Linux DVD distros. That was the final thumbs down for me.

    I have been using FileZilla for a while and I haven’t look back.

  3. kmandla Post author

    I must be using a different version; mine will drag and drop. I’ll try it at home and make sure it’s not just a quirk of the Windows version I have to use at work.

    Edited: Well gang, I’m not sure if things changed since you tried it last, but I can drag and drop downloads with FireFTP in Firefox 2.0 on Windows XP and with Iceweasel on Edgy. Maybe give it another try? (P.S.: I can’t speak to download size limits. If I find a 4Gb file I want to download, I’ll give it a try and report back. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


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