Why dontcha take a picture? It’ll last longer

It must be a half-dozen times a day I wish I could show someone what to do to install or troubleshoot Ubuntu, instead of trying to explain it. Along those lines, it’s easier to point someone at these sites than to try putting it in words.

Ubuntu Screencasts is a great collection of clips on downloading and burning an ISO, building a dual boot system, and more. Alan Pope’s videos are particularly easy to follow and he does a great job walking someone through the most fundamental steps. Plus, he has a British accent, and as any American will tell you, that makes him sound smart.

Ubuntu Clips does much the same thing, with the added bonus of a spot where you can request a clip — sort of a “help wanted in video” plea. So if you just don’t get the picture — no pun intended — you can ask for help doing something and have it demonstrated too.

Perhaps most impressive is the Ubuntu Video site, although that’s not so much a how-to as a show-off page. One of the members of the marketing team collates Ubuntu videos from around the Internet and stacks them blog-style. There are a lot of very cool clips there, and one or two of them may prove instructive.

Now don’t spend the rest of your day watching someone else use Ubuntu.


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