A brief return to Arch

If you saw the screenshot, you know I took a brief dip back into Arch Linux yesterday. Already I’m craving Ubuntu again.

I like Arch a lot, and I want to like it more. But the fact of the matter is that I’m always installing and reinstalling things, breaking them and tweaking them, and the time it takes me to set up an Arch build is not exactly conducive to that.

I’ve heard people make the same complaint about Gentoo, and I can understand it: Sure, once the machine is built it’s phenomenally fast, but until you reach that point, you’re spending extra time configuring and tweaking — and in the end, you don’t lose anything over a preconfigured distro. Ubuntu might run slower than Arch, but Ubuntu is up and running while I’m still trying to get sound working in Arch.

Nevertheless, what seems like a quirk or a defect in one distro is a perk in the other, and depending on what I prefer at any given moment, neither one is likely to go away anytime soon.

1 thought on “A brief return to Arch

  1. Doddo

    Hi! I thoutht about that today. I’m currently using arch and the computer I’m using now took me a good three months to get me where i want with it. But to get a system that your comfortable with is much quicker than so. I guess what matters is the what you use your computer for.

    The pro:s with Arch and Gentoo is that you’ve got more control over what you get, because you have to install those things by yourself. Needles to say, this can also be achieved with a ubuntu server install, if thats what your looking for, I mean.

    I also really like the package management system, and their repos. I find that having a sh-tload of mirrors is more convenient than having just a few at a time.

    Anyway The original reason for my visit was to say “what a nice blog you’ve got, don’t mind me adding it to my blogroll (at this point my blog is kinda new so my blogroll is almost empty)


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