My Ubuntu pet peeve

There’s one thing that will probably always bother me about Ubuntu — although I suppose this should be my Xubuntu pet peeve really, since it doesn’t quite hold true outside of the Xubuntu realm.

A fresh, clean installation of Xubuntu 6.06.1 or Xubuntu 6.10 enables screensavers that aren’t installed. As a result, there’s a whole slew of screensavers that display error messages when they start, because they’ve been enabled, but they don’t exist in the system.

Of course, you can remedy that by installing two packages — xscreensaver-gl-extra and xscreensaver-data-extra — which brings in the missing components.

I opened a bug report on it about a year ago, but it was closed because those two packages are in universe, and can’t be brought into main. Of course, if the missing screensavers were just disabled to start with, there wouldn’t be this all-encompassing repository conflict.

Sigh. Maybe in Feisty.


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