FVWM-Crystal 3.0.4 on P3-750 8Mb ATI Rage Mobility

Things are looking good for swapping out Openbox for FVWM-Crystal on my old Dell Latitude CPx-J750GT. I was wondering how it would do with a cramped 8Mb video card — an ATI Rage Mobility — and the results are just as gratifying as my P4 with a Geforce4 440 MX.

All the transparencies are intact, all the effects on window frames and decorations work just as well. It’s got a lot less real estate to cover (only 1024×768 on that machine), so it doesn’t seem to lag at all or stutter.

My next step is to build this up from scratch, put it through some speed tests and see if it can at least approach Openbox on boot times and responsiveness. It looks quite nice and will take a little while to get used to, but I think it will be a fair trade for eye candy.


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