Correlation does imply causation … this time

The last time I downloaded illegal software was a year ago. The first time I installed Ubuntu linux was a year ago. Coincidence? Not at all.

When you pull the plug on your addiction to proprietary operating systems and substandard closed-source software, suddenly the need to steal the stuff dissipates. Why in the world would I waste my time and bandwidth looking for the latest version of Photoshop, if the Gimp does everything I need, is free, and updates don’t cost a cent?

Why would I bother looking for a crack for the latest DirectX game when Regnum Online is getting so good — and I might even have the opportunity to contribute to it?

And why in the world would I scrape the Internet for a pirated version of Vista (or for that matter, pay $200+ for it), when Feisty looks like it will rock the socks off an ox?

There’s a direct relationship between my sudden drop-off in accumulating illegal software and my switch to Ubuntu. And in this case, correlation does imply causation.

This somewhat-predictable and mostly unnecessary rant brought about by the Linux: A Solution to Piracy? thread.


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