Ubuntu bug dependencies

tommytom makes an excellent point here, regarding the idea of Ubuntu Bug No. 2.

However i don’t think we can do this alone by greater access to the Ubuntu Community, to run Ubuntu you need a computer, to run a computer you need electricity and so on, could this be Bug #3?. I feel while access is an important part of enfranchising people to this global society, societal change across the full spectrum of human interaction is key GNU/Linux, the FSM and these forums are part of that, perhaps a template?.

Is it enough to stress the importance of women in the Ubuntu community? Or are we just stressing the importance of women who have access to computers and their role in the Ubuntu community? What else can we do to spread the ideas we all embrace?


One thought on “Ubuntu bug dependencies

  1. bapoumba

    Yes, that’s a good point.
    I also see it on a larger scale, and every drop can make a difference.

    Probably a bug in society, an inheritance of “dark ages” where women were supposed to be the devil, inferior, have smaller brains, play dolls (;-)), just name it.
    Funny how medicine in the 1800 started to changed that point of view, when male MDs realized that the wealth of a society (and of its workers) depended on the health of all members, women included. Then women started to be valuable when they were healthily giving birth. Then they got to vote a hundred years later 😉

    I am a female, living in Europe, I know my life has improved due to fighting feminists. I am not in that kind of direct fight.
    Still, being able to address these questions on a Linux forum, to discuss them, do you think this would have been possible just 10 years ago ? Ubuntu heavily contributed to make it different ^^

    We always have to start somewhere 🙂


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