Please don’t, but please do

This is not as schizophrenic (in the strict Greek sense of the word) an announcement (and post) as it looks. With the sudden rush to pluck this and that from post-Herd 1 Feisty, it’s a repeat of the same adage that got us through Breezy and Dapper and Edgy, and all that came before it:

Please don’t use Feisty on production machines. Please do help with bug testing.

This is not to knock down newbs or keep people from rushing to try out stuff. It’s to keep the panicked threads from emerging that occur when things go very wrong (and they will go very wrong some times) and stuff stops working. Because when stuff stops working, everybody who thinks they’re riding the leading edge of the Ubuntu wave suddenly writes. …

  1. My system won’t boot
  2. Please help me
  3. Why won’t anyone help me
  4. Ubuntu sucks

And that’s all we’re trying to avoid, really.


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