Regnum Online: Hey, this game is GOOD

I have a new addiction: Regnum Online. I know, I know, it’s nothing new. And it’s very like me to suddenly find a game that’s been around for a long while, and hoot about it. But hey, this game is good.

There’s a neato Linux client that installed fairly easy. I had to knock down the graphics a peg to get it to work on my laptop, but even with my lowly 1Ghz P3 and 64Mb Geforce Go 440 running Xubuntu Dapper, I can play at 800x600x16 and it’s certainly not unenjoyable.

It seems there’s a funny sound quirk between Xubuntu’s libopenal0a and what the client is looking for, but it’s something that’s fixed extremely easily, and didn’t stop the game from playing without sound.

To keep this from turning into a mini-review, gameplay is a lot like Everquest. I remember the early days of EQ (and the later days of EQ, and the early days of EQ2), but this has a more complete feel — not a planar fetch-quest-ridden feel to it.

Very enjoyable. I’m definitely going to keep this one around.

P.S.: Thanks to the Ubuntu Gamers Arena for introducing me to this one. 😀


2 thoughts on “Regnum Online: Hey, this game is GOOD

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