Xubuntu and Beryl: That clicking bug thing

Under the category of “things I don’t get enough time to track down,” I can add that funky click effect I get with Beryl on Xubuntu.

Beryl and Xubuntu were made for each other, and both run sweet even on a 1Ghz machine, provided the video card can handle it (I got my 64Mb Nvidia GeForce 440 MX to run it, and at 1280x1024x24bit, too … no problems, and only $15 for that card on ebay!).

But clicking on the desktop makes the wallpaper and the icons and everything skew — skip down by about, I’d say 32 pixels. Whatever you clicked on is moved too, and if there was a context menu, you can’t get to it.

Clicking again makes it pop back to where it started, but again, no context menu. Click-pop, click-pop. Argh!

There’s a cumbersome fix in disabling XFCE’s management of the desktop through the Desktop Settings menu, but then you lose your wallpaper (I’m all about wallpaper, man). Restoring XFCE’s control seems to kill the bug and give you back your wallpaper, but that’s a bit tedious just to get back your click effects on the desktop.

Maybe one day I’ll hunt that one down and cure it properly. Except now I want my Openbox setup back, so I’m going to go dig out my Killdisk CD.


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