PCChips motherboard says what?

A friend gave me an old super socket 7 machine as a giveaway. Joy! It’s a K6-2+ 550AGR chip, and even if I don’t keep all the rest of the machine, I might hold on to that chip as a curiosity and a pet project.

The motherboard is a full-on grand-scale mystery, though. Not a single serial number or part number anywhere on the board. Baby AT form factor, only two PCI slots, onboard SIS530 and a lot of riser cards for serial ports, PS/2 ports and whatnot. And to add to the confusion, a fat five-pin DIN plug keyboard connector.

The only number I could find was on the bottom side of the board, which told me it was a PCChips product — something I’ve never heard of, although I now know its reputation.

Without a model number I’m a bit leery of using it or for that matter, selling it off. I don’t know what I have, so I don’t know what to do with it. Maybe I’ll use it as a dust collector.


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