For sale: Red hot Ubuntu love machine

I’m auctioning off a custom-painted Dell Optiplex GX150 that I rehabbed over the summer. This is the one I described in this thread.

This isn’t a terribly speedy machine — 1Ghz Pentium III, 256Mb of PC100, a 6Gb hard drive, onboard Intel NIC and i815 graphics, and a CDROM — but it has a sweet paint job.

And that includes a full and complete installation of Xubuntu 6.06.1, which fits it perfectly. (It has a valid Win2K serial number too, if that’s important to you. … If you ask nicely, I might build you a dual boot. )

Depending on how much you’re willing to spend on it, you can put in a

  • 1.4Ghz socket 370 chip,
  • 512Mb of PC133,
  • a 64Mb nVidia GeForce4 440 MX (the SFF AGP version — or maybe even something heftier),
  • an 8x DVD+/-RW with dual layer (these machines take optical drives from laptops … which is pretty cool), and
  • a hard drive of any size you feel is necessary.

So provided you have the financial wherewithal, there’s quite a bit of space for improvement. Decked out, I imagine the machine could run you no more than $300, and it would be an excellent box.

All that in a computer the size of a dictionary. Sweet!

P.S.: Stateside buyers only. Sorry.


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