Edgy Openbox is rockin’

In spite of the quirks I’m running into with Edgy, My openbox builds on Edgy are very sharp.

I’ve got three machines running OB3.3 on Edgy and I’m loving it. One — a 750Mhz Latitude I use for a music machine — is so much more responsive than it was under Dapper (Xubuntu, or Ubuntu, or even Win2k, for that matter) that it’s definitely going to be running OB Edgy for quite some time.

Likewise, my 2.26Ghz Optiplex GX260 is snappy. And with a 64Mb GeForce4 440 MX slimline card, I use that for games and try-and-break-it installations. Rebuilds take about 40 minutes, from the end of Killdisk to the GUI.

And for fun I put OB on my dual Xeon 2.8Ghz machine on an UltraSCSI drive. If it wasn’t for the godawful BIOS checks on startup, it would probably boot from Grub to GUI in less than 25 seconds. Now that’s fast.

In all, I’m liking Edgy … but I’m looking forward to April even more. 🙂


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