Yay me!

I’ve been asked to be a moderator on the Ubuntu forums, and I’ve accepted. Woo-hoo!

Maybe now I can find out what those beans really stand for. 😉


4 thoughts on “Yay me!

  1. Danny (bodycoach2)

    Congrats on becoming a moderator. In the past, I’ve looked forward to your posts. Your use of Ubuntu on older hardware inspired me to collect some and do the same. I now give away donated and rebuilt computers to people how could otherwise never afford one.
    Keep up the posts of your projects. I hope they eventually do a seperate thread of ‘old hardware projects’. Ubuntu can help keep equipment out of landfills longer.

  2. iandefor

    Have fun, and congratulations!

    And no, you can’t find out what the beans *really* stand for just yet. You have to prove your worth in the Pits of Despair for *that* privilege.

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