Iceweasel icon

In between backing up and rebuilding my music laptop, I made a new icon for Iceweasel.

Iceweasel icon

It’s not that great, I know. I’m trying to learn Inkscape, and I figured this would be a decent way to learn.

The globe is the Tango globe with the continents colored green and the network nodes in yellow. The tail is supposed to look like ice (was I even close?), and the weasel was traced off the first Google image of a weasel I found.

The background is not black, by the way. That’s a png file, so it appears black on WordPress.

I like that his head peeks around the globe. It actually looks better when it’s larger. But when everything is shrunk down to 48 pixels on a side, it gets a little … smudgy.

Anyway, if someone more talented than me would like to improve upon that, I have no objection. Here’s an svg.


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