Happy October

A week ago I was tickled with the idea of running an Openbox setup on a 2.26Ghz machine, and this week I’m completely addicted.

I installed the Ubuntu (I mean Gnome) Edgy beta, and things seemed to take forever. The same 2.26Ghz machine with 512Mb and a 7200rpm ATA100 drive took forever to get to the login screen.

By comparison, that machine (with an autologin script) gets from power button to desktop in 41 seconds.

And after a week with Openbox, I’m totally broken of the need for a taskbar, or a start button — and I’m completely in love with conky.

Gnome just doesn’t do it for me. I’m a speed addict, and a lightweight box fanatic. I appreciate all the bells and whistles and the automatic digital camera detection … but Openbox is for me.


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