Ex beneficio

I gave away two more computers last week, and forgot to mention it.

This time though, they were more or less valueless. These were Dimension T-450s. 450Mhz Pentium IIIs with onboard sound, video and network, and only 96Mb RAM apiece. Not dogs, but nothing to dance around and clap your hands about.

I did put extra hard drives in them, though. But neither one had a valid copy of Windows, so they had to go out blank.

Still, I leave that up to the new owners. I mentioned I could put an operating system on them, but both people said they already had Windows at home and could do it themselves. I could have pointed out that it was illegal, but I’m not in the mood to prosletyze these days.

I still have quite a few hard drives and some memory left over, but I’m saving it for nicer machines or for upgrades for friends. I don’t mind giving the stuff away, but there will come a time when I wished I still had that 128Mb stick of PC100.


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