A day off, finally

Finally had a day off yesterday, and it was a good one. (Of course, any day off is a good one … usually.)

Found two Poweredge servers (1600sc … 2.8Ghz Xeons, but no memory or hard drives) at the recycle center, and picked them up, along with another Latitude docking station. I also grabbed a CPU fan for a giveaway machine that I dropped off at work, and a monitor for a coworker.

The servers will be fun to play with. The plan right now is to get one (or both) of them going as a rendering machine and see if I can make a little money off my brother’s architecture classmates. Of course, with missing parts, it’s going to take a day or two to convince myself to spend $400 to get them going. And they haven’t even been tested yet. And I still have to find parts to get the 2.53Ghz desktop working.

Still, $400 for a pair of servers is vicious cheap.

Oh, and one of them still has a tape in the tape backup. Hmm.

Of course, finding all these machines begs the question, “What in the heck am I going to do with all this stuff?”


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