New hardware ordered

I took the plunge today and ordered a Western Digital hard drive and 512Mb of PC133 for my rehabbed GX150. I thought about it and decided it was worth $100 to bring it up to speed. It has 128Mb of leftover PC100 in it right now, and it was running with a leftover 6Gb Maxtor drive, but it was sluggish and noisy.

While I was testing a GX260, I bought an overpriced 80Gb hard drive at Target, and dropped it into the GX150 just for kicks. The speed difference was considerable, and since it’s a charmer now, I couldn’t say no.

It felt funny to spend money on a computer. All summer I’ve been scavenging off the recycle center, and the most I’ve spent at any one time on parts or hardware was $15 for two cases and a docking station (which works great, by the way).

If I spend anything more on it (and I doubt I will, since it works fine now and isn’t really meant for anything more), I might consider buying a cheap half-height video card. I worry that it might be good money after bad though, since I didn’t have much luck getting a GeForce MX 4000 to work with The Ugly Little Desktop.


7 thoughts on “New hardware ordered

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    1. fuxter

      let me shamelessly engrave myself in the history of this great blog ^_^
      we – old-time readers – are part of it too =)
      long live V


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