A Crux port for tty-clock

Another little something that I use a lot, but tend to install manually, is xorg62‘s original version of tty-clock. Since yesterday’s port for Charm required quite a bit more work, a quick sweep past tty-clock was easy. The only problem here is that tty-clock isn’t really released, but can be downloaded as a tar.gz from github.

But there’s an issue with the name. The tarball is created with a hash code as part of the name, and rather than install git to install a tiny console clock, I downloaded the source code, repacked it with a 0.0 version number and uploaded it elsewhere. Now the name of the folder it decompresses to is no longer an obstacle.

# Description:	An analog clock in ncurses.
# URL:		http://github.com/xorg62/tty-clock
# Maintainer:	K.Mandla, k dot mandla at gmail dot com
# Depends on:	ncurses


build() {
	cd $name-$version
	make DESTDIR=$PKG/usr
	install -D $name $PKG/usr/bin/$name

Perhaps if tty-clock hits a proper release point, I’ll adjust this to point to it.

I made a point of mentioning that this is for the original version of tty-clock, because someone has already forked it. From what I can tell, it appears that version can function as a screen lock, and has some additional features like shifting the clock around with the cursor keys, or presetting the x and y coordinates. Perhaps the two will merge at some point, and those features will be available for both.

P.S.: Yes, I know there’s a PKGBUILD for this in AUR, but again, that one uses git, which I was trying to avoid.

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