How could I have forgotten

Silly me. How could I have forgotten — and not just recently, but months after I spent a full week at 100Mhz, and more than a month after relinquishing X on another machine — that there’s a site practically devoted to console applications, in various states of development:

Ordinarily, when scraping for unusual console apps, I cruise a few screenshot threads, or dredge up another text-based distro and check out their list of included applications. INX, for example., as you might expect, has a good collection of nifty things you hadn’t ever thought of, and they’re arranged in convenient ways (popularity, etc.). So I don’t necessarily have to sift through armloads of Crux ports, compile for an hour, only to find that a program sucks.

Which does happen occasionally. Not everything on the terminal smells like roses. :roll:

And if you want something a little more in the way of direct analogues, make sure you check out the lengthy list jared mentioned in a comment a few days ago. Where is arranged in terms of name, popularity and frequency of download, jared’s list is helpful when moving from one application — like Presentation — to its counterpart at the terminal — like tpp.

Between those two sites I have a near-infinite array of software to test and hours of compilation ahead of me. Hmm … joy. … :|

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5 Responses to “How could I have forgotten”

  1. 1 CorkyAgain 2009/04/27 at 3:35 PM

    Sweet! I’ve been looking for a site like that, but for some reason it never came up in my searches.

  2. 2 chexmix 2009/04/29 at 6:23 AM

    INX … good lord.

    There are OTHER text-based distros? Drool.

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