Leftover Openbox screenshots

I might as well share the last little bit of treasure I found the other day — a few links to some out-of-date Openbox screenshots. Some of these are easily two years old now, which probably means Openbox 3.3 or so. I doubt there’s much that’s terribly interesting, except perhaps examples of the hardware running against the software, and what I ended up doing with it.

I went through a conky phase for a while. This is a good example of it.

That’s the same hardware I’m using right now. Things haven’t changed much in the past couple of years — my fastest machine is still a plain ol’ 1Ghz box, and I’m unlikely to give it up any time soon. Supposedly that wallpaper (which I still have) is an actual photo of a photographic blue-screen backdrop, professionally lit. I doubt that though — it seems too perfect.

Two more, both from the same laptop.


The Ubuntu-tan backdrop came from OS-tan/desktops, which features a lot more than just the Ubuntu distro. That flower came with Sabayon Linux a few years ago, if I remember right. It might still be part of that distro; I don’t believe I have ever used Sabayon, mostly because it has a reputation for eye candy and I’m more concerned with speed. That image was procured from an outside source … and I still have it too. :)

This one I don’t have any more.

Some people don’t care for orange themes; with Ubuntu it seems very natural. Image was from Blatte’s Pages, although I always remember it as Exoteric Roach. ;) That came from a 2.26Ghz machine, the last one I owned to break the 2Ghz barrier, unless you count the HP laptop I briefly owned early last year. This is the same computer.

A castoff Dell GX260: mid-size form factor with a PCI riser board and space for a low-profile AGP video card. Plenty of memory, plenty of speed — I could only ever wonder why anyone would throw it away. :( Wallpaper came from … I can’t remember. Nice though, wasn’t it?

Different machine this time; an old 750Mhz Dell laptop that I used as a music machine for a long time.

Icons were handled by iDesk, which I’ve since grown out of (although you could say my recent affectation with wbar is just another symptom). I always liked the idea of iDesk, but disliked the configuration for it. Yes, I know about the utilities available to manage it, but they don’t make it any more appealing, to be honest.

Here’s the same machine with a similar look, one one I tend to keep even today. One in blue, one in green.


I just plain prefer sparse desktops like that. I still have the green wallpaper too. Not the blue though. :lol:

I think that’s about all. The rest were just similar to the ones here, and honestly most of these look the same. I guess Openbox is consistently simple enough to make too many screenshots a bit … repetitive. ;)

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