Spur of the moment: HueTheSpa Openbox theme

I’m not sure what gripped me, but I put together a rather random Openbox theme this morning, along with a GTK2 theme that more or less matches, and posted them on box-look.org.

I was using the very nice, very complete SlimOne themes from Oliver Kraitschy, and was just feeling a little skittish with blue. I wanted a little green and brown, and so I swapped out some colors, and what you see above is what came out.

Those particular colors (and as a result, the theme’s alias ;) ) are due deference to wi.hi.fi’s “Subtlety of Hue The Spa” color selection, on kuler.adobe.com. A nice arrangement, if I may be so bold.

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1 Response to “Spur of the moment: HueTheSpa Openbox theme”

  1. 1 Mulenmar 2009/06/07 at 11:21 AM

    When I get my laptop put back together, that is SO going on it. Desktop’s too busy running lwm 8~P

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