Disgustingly easy

The twisted train of links that led me to capink’s howto for designing your own personalized Ubuntu live CD is (like the grammar of this sentence) lost to me. However, for a copy-and-paste howto, that one is terrifyingly easy. It only took me about 20 minutes, on a 1Ghz machine, to repack, slice and dice my standing installation into a bootable ISO.

And the thing really worked, too. I rebooted and it loaded a desktop that looked remarkably like the same one I had just left, with the added fun of a read-from-CD lag whenever I clicked on a program.

When it’s that easy to remaster an entire Ubuntu system, one can only wonder what could happen next. Besides the obvious usefulness of carrying around a pure, default system identical to the one I have at home, there’s all kinds of potential.

Let’s see what trouble I can get into now. … :twisted:

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7 Responses to “Disgustingly easy”

  1. 1 devnet 2008/09/26 at 8:14 AM

    It’s been that disgustingly easy to remaster a PCLinuxOS installation since 2003 thanks to the mklivecd project. Using the remasterme command is simple and now that the community has chipped in to make a GUI to remaster things, those afraid of the command line can now take part in the fun.

    It’s good that Ubuntu is finally catching up though…albeit, 6 years late.

  2. 2 Joey 2008/09/26 at 4:14 PM

    No luck – command stops at 93% complete at this step (twice now).

    ‘sudo mksquashfs ${WORK}/rootfs ${CD}/${FS_DIR}/filesystem.${FORMAT}’

  3. 3 K.Mandla 2008/09/26 at 10:44 PM

    That’s odd. I’ve tried it twice now and it worked fine each time.

  4. 4 Joey 2008/09/27 at 7:15 PM

    Just wondering, I was using an AMD64 system. Wonder if that could be an issue.

    I am going to try this one next:

    I am going to try this one next – from system rescue disk

  5. 5 K.Mandla 2008/09/27 at 10:26 PM

    I hate blaming things automatically on 64-bit systems, but to be honest, that’s the first thing I’d check.

  6. 6 fstephens 2008/10/02 at 4:35 AM

    I remastered Knoppix dozens of times in the past, even creating or modifying scripts to make it easier. For my latest Rescue & Recovery Live CD though, I wanted to start with something lighter than Knoppix and add what I wanted,rather than remove what I didn’t. I based it on Ubuntu Live CD From Scratch:

  1. 1 Ubuntu GTK1.2 Remix « Motho ke motho ka botho Trackback on 2008/09/30 at 8:51 AM

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