A Crux port for AlsaPlayer

Since I mentioned it, I’ll post the revised Crux port for AlsaPlayer here. I built this one off the one in the han repositories. This allows streaming Internet audio, mp3 playback, ogg formats and the 3D visualizations too. It also enables the GTK2 interface while allowing the console control as well.

# Description: pcm audio player for Linux and other similar systems
# URL:         http://www.alsaplayer.org/
# Maintainer:  
# Packager:    
# Depends on:  alsa-lib libmad libtheora


    cd $name-$version
    ./configure \
        --prefix=/usr \
	--mandir=/usr/man \
	--enable-opengl \
	--enable-oggvorbis \
	--enable-mad \
	--disable-jack \
	--disable-mikmod \
	--disable-esd \
	--disable-sparc \
	--disable-oss \
	--disable-sgi \
	--disable-nas \
	--disable-audiofile \
    make install DESTDIR=$PKG

I tried to space out the options available, so they’re easy to disable or enable according to your hardware and sound subsystem. Feel free to correct any of this, if it looks out of whack. ;)

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