Somehow, surprisingly frustrating

It’s silly, I know. I predicted it myself only about a week ago. Still, I can’t deny a little shudder of disgust at the announcement that XP has hit the OLPC. I guess it speaks to how long I’ve been using Linux, and my learned distrust for anything that comes with a Microsoft imprint on it.

But this is so far out of my hands, and I am so far from the target audience, that my opinion is a tiny meaningless drop in a huge bucket. If putting XP on the OLPC gets a few more computers to children somewhere, then that’s fine. It offends my sensibilities, but my sensibilities aren’t what’s important.

So let it be. XP on an OLPC? Whatever. Sugar on XP on an OLPC? Okay, fine. Flash on Sugar on XP on an OLPC? Might as well go for broke.

Just for the record though: There will always be one little OLPC that has never run Windows, or at least it won’t for as long as I own it. :twisted:

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