Life at 800×600

While I dedicate my beloved Inspiron to The Greater Cause (in this case, The Greater Cause is as a Hardy tweak guinea pig), I’ve been spending most of my working time staring into The Eye — the 800×600 porthole of my Thinkpad.

I surprise myself saying it, but it’s not as bad as I anticipated. I added a couple of new desktops (I found six to be a good compromise) and just bounce between them a lot more often, where on a larger screen I would overlap windows rather than add desktops.

Actually it’s a strange thing to mention, but I find myself rather liking the font displays on the Thinkpad. They’re nowhere near as crisp as 1600×1200, but it’s somehow enjoyable to see the individual pixels, no matter how hard Arch tries to antialias them. Call me weird.

But most everything is acceptable, although Osmo doesn’t like a shallow depth like that. The bottom third hangs down below the limit of the screen, and I have to ALT+drag to see the lowest items on my to-do list.

Everything else is just fine. I’m about half way through building the guide on the Thinkpad with Arch, mostly because it has the newest version of Zim. Zim is behaving a little strangely for me, but it’s not anything I can put my finger on and so I won’t go into details. I have a feeling it’s because I migrated my “notebooks” from a much earlier version, and probably should have started from scratch.

Aside from that, and a few real life issues that will unfold over the next few days, I haven’t much to tell about — it’s busy, it’s ordinary, it’s slow going. :???:

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5 Responses to “Life at 800×600”

  1. 1 Jeff Flowers 2008/04/29 at 1:44 AM

    I’m amazed that you don’t own a EEE PC. I am considering buying the 900 when it comes out, just to have a portable Arch box.

  2. 2 el mariachi 2008/04/29 at 5:43 AM

    that’s because K.Mandla already has the super kawaii OLPC

  3. 3 Jeff Flowers 2008/04/29 at 10:29 AM

    I know, but where there is one gadget, there are others.

  4. 4 K.Mandla 2008/04/29 at 6:14 PM

    I’ve thought about it. There are demo models here in some electronics shops, but they show XP on them. I’m only obliquely interested really. It looks like fun, but I’d much rather have an old 300Mhz Pentium II laptop. I must be weird. :(

  1. 1 Arch’s -LCD font packages « Motho ke motho ka botho Trackback on 2008/04/30 at 7:58 AM

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