A more aggressive algorithm

I weeded out the blogs again, and this time I decided to be a little more strict in my application of The Rule. In the past, if you had mentioned anything obliquely Linux-related in the past 30 days, I kept it on the blogroll.

This time, I counted back 21 days, and it had to be something meaningful and pertinent. It wasn’t enough to say, “I started Umbunto today. /post” … it had to be something of value.

And since it’s my list, I get to determine what value it holds. :twisted:

Anyway, about six or eight fell away for being dead, and another five or six were trimmed away by Blogroll Algorithm v2.0. The list is a little shorter this time, but I think it’s a bit more … focused.

Oh, and I spliced the forum moderator and administrator blogs into the normal blogroll, rather than separating them out. And I trimmed away some more of those frilly things around the bottom. It’s all in the name of speed, I tell you. :D

P.S.: Standard disclaimer applies: If you’d like your blog listed, let me know and I’ll tack it on. And you’ll have 21 days to keep me interested, or else on April 28 … ;)

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2 Responses to “A more aggressive algorithm”

  1. 1 Warren Butler 2008/03/28 at 2:33 PM

    Mine got trimmed during a quiet period. Can you re-list me please?



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