Weird font problems

Just a reminder for myself this time: For some reason, after compiling xorg in Crux, I couldn’t start X because of an error claiming the font “fixed” couldn’t be found. Checking xorg, I could see that xorg-font-alias, xorg-font-cursor-misc and xorg-font-misc-misc were all dependencies, and showed as installed.

Reinstalling every font package gave me a working X, but seemed overkill. I backed off packages one by one until I had only those three and it still works, so I’m not sure why I was getting those errors. Now and again I inserted a fc-cache -r -v into the mix, thinking maybe that might also help. I don’t know that it did, but X is working again, and everybody is happy. :D

P.S.: One note of thanks to the Arch and Ubuntu package search pages, for reminding me what the base xorg font packages included.

P.P.S.: I still can’t get X to autostart at login. :| What the heck am I doing wrong this time?

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