IceBuntu 2.2 and screenshot

Edit: Unfortunately, the images originally included in this post are gone, because of hosting problems in late 2009. My apologies.

Keep an eye on IceBuntu (and its dedicated forums here), because it’s steadily improving. This isn’t a one-time, just-for-fun, let’s-see-if-we-can-roll-our-own distro effort.

Version 2.2 is out with download link off Filefront here. Default screen looks much like the original, with a few minor changes.

The Human effect is rounded out with a proper Ubuntulooks GTK2 theme at startup. The available software includes Abiword now, as well as the ever-popular ThinBlack theme for IceWM too (it’s good to have options). It also makes a point of keeping the restricted drivers manager, Conky, Pidgin, Sylpheed, Mousepad, Gnumeric, Kazehakase, Audacious, Xfe-Xfi-Xfv, and a few others just to keep you busy. (A better list is here.)

I’m more and more impressed with this as time goes on. It has the look and feel of a well-rounded, well-thought out minidistro that reflects the best collection of software for a lot of people. It’s light, it’s fast, it’s good looking and it seems reliable. And there’s enough of a fan base to keep it moving — oftentimes the danger in a select-software distribution is that not enough people care for that selection of software. ;)

I haven’t used it beyond the live CD stage, but I might give it a go for a day or two on my big machine. I’d be curious to see how it performs on an older machine; if you install it on something low-P3 or earlier, leave me a note. I might have to drag home that ugly old K6-2 just for a comparison. :D

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5 Responses to “IceBuntu 2.2 and screenshot”

  1. 1 caes 2008/03/02 at 7:58 PM

    I really cannot believe it.

    Everyone wants to be a second class citizen .. LOL.

    The KDE guy who started Kubuntu can be forgiven as he is the first to enter this “unknown” of second class citizenship deal. But for the rest of the whatever-buntus, all I can say is that either you are super optimistic or you are a damn idiot.

  2. 2 anzan 2008/03/02 at 10:31 PM

    I believe the point is to make another very light version that has all the advatages of using the Ubuntu repositories for old boxes. And they seem to be doing a nice job of it.

    Kubuntu is officially sponsored. These other editions are community projects.

  3. 3 Johan 2008/03/03 at 6:18 AM

    I feel it can get a bit too much with all the Ubuntu-remakes. However it’s not their existance that buggs me, it’s that they all “are their own distro” instead of calling themselves “Ubuntu, unofficial IceWM release” which I would consider better for the users. But sure, I’m all for alternatives of course.

  4. 4 Bocha 2008/03/04 at 2:27 PM

    2 caes:
    Speak for yourself. As for me, Kubuntu is the main *buntu system, and all the others are second class (or third if based on GTK). Only Kubuntu is fully usable and any GNOME system is not user-friendly by definition.

  5. 5 metaldoctor 2010/11/28 at 4:41 AM

    It,s a pity that you don’t assemble new versions of IceBuntu.
    I have something that needs light OS.
    I’ve made something like a liveCD because I need a current Ubuntu LTS

    lh_config -a i386 -b iso -d sid –mode debian –sections “main contrib non-free” –debian-installer-gui true –username metaldoctor –packages-lists alsa mc vim htop antiword bc xorg icewm firefox smplayer qemu qemu-launcher qemulator ktechlab xpdf djview3 mkisofs wodim

    Maybe you can help me with some more clues and screws…
    How to implement shutdown, reboot, installation (better cli), light volume control……

    Any suggestions – write to

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