Dr Small’s Linux Blogs project, revisited

Dr Small’s Linux Blog collection is growing quite fast, with 44 blogs listed there now. That’s in less than a month, which is no small feat. Um, I mean it is a Small feat. :( I mean. … Never mind.

I’ve debated dropping my own blogroll and linking just to that page, or perhaps keeping a more select list here and passing off the links that I have to him. I like having that list on my sidebar, but it does slow down the page, and sorting through them has never been a very exciting task. It’s rather like weeding.

I’m debating, but to be honest, as I get closer to the end of the month, Dr Small’s version looks more attractive all the time. ;)

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12 Responses to “Dr Small’s Linux Blogs project, revisited”

  1. 1 Dr Small 2008/01/27 at 8:58 AM

    Aww come on. I didn’t mean to steal your idea :P lol

  2. 2 K.Mandla 2008/01/27 at 9:08 AM

    No, no, not at all. In fact, I’d love to give you the links I have. Please, take them. :mrgreen:

  3. 3 Dr Small 2008/01/27 at 9:35 AM

    Ok. Fine :D Now, if only I knew how to use sed better !

  4. 4 K.Mandla 2008/01/27 at 10:14 AM

    Well what’s the format to manually add them to your database? I might be able to export the list and wrangle it so it works for you. Is there a one-line example you can show me?

  5. 5 Dr Small 2008/01/27 at 11:06 AM

    Well, I could end up adding them all in with a SQL query, with phpminiadmin on the server, but anyhow, here’s the synatax I would have to use:

    INSERT INTO blogs_list (title, url, category)
    VALUES ('A Day in the Life of Derrick','http://afderrick.wordpress.coml','General');

    I think that might end up harder than manually submitting them O.O

  6. 6 William "Papa" Meloney 2008/01/27 at 11:53 AM

    … hey now, I am sure you meant ‘Little Feat’ … yes? I’ll be your Dixie Chicken if you will be my Tennessee Lamb… so, put on your Sailin’ Shoes. Oh yeah!

  7. 7 K.Mandla 2008/01/27 at 12:34 PM

    @William: Uh-oh. I think I struck a nerve there. …

    @Dr Small: Check back here this evening (or, in another four hours or so). I should have something scratched together. I don’t know about the category setting, but I’ll see what I can do.

  8. 8 K.Mandla 2008/01/27 at 12:57 PM

    Or in 20 minutes. … How’s this?

    VALUES ('/home/liquidat','http://liquidat.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('A Conservative Techie','http://jjesse.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('A Day in the Life of Derrick','http://afderrick.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('Aaron Toponce','http://www.pthree.org/','General');
    VALUES ('Advogato','http://www.advogato.org/','General');
    VALUES ('All about Linux','http://linuxhelp.blogspot.com/','General');
    VALUES ('Alp Toker','http://www.atoker.com/blog/','General');
    VALUES ('Archux','http://knightsfamilyhistory.com/michael/','General');
    VALUES ('Arno\'s Art','http://arnoarts.blogspot.com/','General');
    VALUES ('Arun\'s Blog','http://www.blog.arun-prabha.com/','General');
    VALUES ('Blog de Marcelo Ramos (Sp)','http://www.marcelor.com/','General');
    VALUES ('Bobbo’s Blog','http://bobbocanfly.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('bored and blogging','http://boredandblogging.com/','General');
    VALUES ('Brandon\'s Blog','http://www.imbrandon.com/','General');
    VALUES ('Buranen.info','http://buranen.info/','General');
    VALUES ('CoachDANNY','http://www.coachdanny.blogspot.com/','General');
    VALUES ('Command Line Warriors','http://commandline.org.uk/','General');
    VALUES ('CrunchBang','http://crunchbang.org/','General');
    VALUES ('Daniele Salamina\'s Blog (It)','http://www.danielesalamina.it','General');
    VALUES ('Debian Admin','http://www.debianadmin.com/','General');
    VALUES ('Debian/Ubuntu Tips & Tricks','http://www.debuntu.org/','General');
    VALUES ('Dr. Small\'s Blog','http://php.8ez.com/drsmall/blog/','General');
    VALUES ('dthomasdigital''http://dthomasdigital.wordpress.com',,'General');
    VALUES ('Engage the World','http://engage.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('Engel','http://hansengel.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('Everything about Everything','http://oprisan.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('Fabrizio Balliano','http://fabrizioballiano.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('Fitting the battle of life','http://jerichokb.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('For a Failing Memory','http://regomodoslinux.blogspot.com/','General');
    VALUES ('FOSSwire','http://fosswire.com/','General');
    VALUES ('FreePenguin.It','http://www.freepenguin.it/index-en.html','General');
    VALUES ('FremLog','http://frem.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('Gilang’s Life','http://gilangcp.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('Helpful Linux Tidbits','http://linuxtidbits.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('Il Pozzo Oscuro','http://thedarkmaster.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('i\' been to Ubuntu','http://ibeentoubuntu.blogspot.com/','General');
    VALUES ('Inkless Paper','http://scotttesterman.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('Il Pozzo Oscuro','http://so.nacreo.us/','Innate Notes','General');
    VALUES ('InTiLinuX (It)','http://www.intilinux.com/','General');
    VALUES ('it\'s about time','http://timelady.com/blog/','General');
    VALUES ('ITStudent.org','http://itstudent.org/blog/','General');
    VALUES ('James for President 2016','http://gods-geek.blogspot.com/','General');
    VALUES ('jonathan carter','http://jonathancarter.co.za/','General');
    VALUES ('jonobacon@home','http://www.jonobacon.org/','General');
    VALUES ('Journal of an Open Sourcee','http://www.ogmaciel.com/','General');
    VALUES ('Just Uber','http://www.justuber.com/blog/index.php','General');
    VALUES ('Keeping it Skinny... Since 1981','http://eithansmith.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('kr0n1x cl1p804rd (It)','http://kronixcb.blogspot.com/','General');
    VALUES ('L’importante è avere un titolo (It)','http://natonelbronx.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('Lettre Hebdomadaire Ubuntu (Fr)','http://lhublog.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('Limulus','http://limulus.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('Linux and Open Source Blog','http://linux.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('Linux Distribution testing - on old computers','http://ldtooc.blogspot.com/','General');
    VALUES ('Linux on Desktop','http://linuxondesktop.blogspot.com/','General');
    VALUES ('Linux, Love, School, and Programming','http://skunkyjay.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('LinuxPortalen (Se)','http://www.linuxportalen.se/','General');
    VALUES ('LinuxSecurity.com','http://www.linuxsecurity.com/','General');
    VALUES ('LLBB','http://www.livibetter.com/blog/','General');
    VALUES ('Lord DarkPat','http://lorddp.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('Lostincyberspace Now','http://lostincyberspacenow.blogspot.com/','General');
    VALUES ('Mark Shuttleworth','http://www.markshuttleworth.com','General');
    VALUES ('Me, Myself and Technology','http://www.kalpiknigam.com/blog/','General');
    VALUES ('Miriam Ruiz','http://www.miriamruiz.es/weblog/','General');
    VALUES ('Motho ke motho ka botho','http://kmandla.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('My Opinion and Other Stuff','http://nathangrubb.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('My Science is Better','http://myscienceisbetter.info/','General');
    VALUES ('My Weblog','http://davidpeitler.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('Neffscape (It)','http://marco.boneff.ch/blog','General');
    VALUES ('nixternal','http://blog.nixternal.com/','General');
    VALUES ('Odzangba Kafui Dake’s Blog','http://odzangba.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('OneAndOneIs2','http://geekblog.oneandoneis2.org/','General');
    VALUES ('OSS Blog (It)','http://www.ossblog.it','General');
    VALUES ('Pears for your heirs','http://pearsfyh.blogspot.com/','General');
    VALUES ('philosophical geekess','http://geekosophical.net/','General');
    VALUES ('pleia2\'s weblog','http://princessleia2.livejournal.com/','General');
    VALUES ('pollycoke (It)','http://pollycoke.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('PyOraGeek','http://catherinedevlin.blogspot.com/index.html','General');
    VALUES ('Ramblings of an African Geek','http://ghanageek.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('Random Comments from South London','http://secretlondon.livejournal.com/','General');
    VALUES ('Renaissance Man','http://jack-of-all-tradez.blogspot.com/','General');
    VALUES ('RFD Networks','http://rfdlinux.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('Richard’s linux, web design and e-learning collection','http://www.bradshawenterprises.com','General');
    VALUES ('Rizwan’s Blog Page','http://rizwandean.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('RUBRIC Tech Team','http://techteam.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('Scott\'s Linux Blog','http://scottlinux.blogspot.com/','General');
    VALUES ('silent::cbx33','http://www.progbox.co.uk/wordpress','General');
    VALUES ('SmSpillaz - Random Compiz Fusion Stuff','http://smspillaz.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('Stemp (Fr)','http://stemp.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('Stopped Clock Blog','http://jimmac.musichall.cz/log/','General');
    VALUES ('Tectonic','http://www.tectonic.co.za/','General');
    VALUES ('Terminally Incoherent','http://www.terminally-incoherent.com/blog/','General');
    VALUES ('The Blog','http://iandefor.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('The Day is Born of Darkness','http://fullmetalgerbil.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('The Fridge','http://fridge.ubuntu.com/','General');
    VALUES ('The Garbled Zombie','http://garbledzombie.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('The Open Source Advocate','http://useopensource.blogspot.com/','General');
    VALUES ('The Tech Journal','http://rjdohnert.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('The Ubuntu Blogging','http://fedex1993.blogspot.com/','General');
    VALUES ('The Ubustu Feed','http://www.ubustu.com/globe/','General');
    VALUES ('TheRaft (It)','http://theraft.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('Tombuntu','http://tombuntu.com/','General');
    VALUES ('Topical Matt','http://www.topicalmatt.com/','General');
    VALUES ('Ubuntu Linux Tips and Tricks','http://ubuntulinuxtipstricks.blogspot.com/','General');
    VALUES ('Ubuntu on Dell Inspiron 1501','http://ubuntu1501.blogspot.com/','General');
    VALUES ('Ubuntu This & Ubuntu That','http://ubuntukids.org/blog/','General');
    VALUES ('Ubuntu Tutorials','http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/','General');
    VALUES ('Ubuntu World and More','http://iamubuntu.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('UbuntuHQ','http://www.ubuntuhq.com/','General');
    VALUES ('UbuntuOS','http://www.ubuntuos.com/','General');
    VALUES ('Ubuntux','http://www.ubuntux.org/','General');
    VALUES ('urukrama’s weblog','http://urukrama.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('vitta','http://www.svaksha.com/','General');
    VALUES ('What about Ubuntu?','http://whataboutubuntu.blogspot.com/','General');
    VALUES ('www.ubuntista.it (It)','http://ubuntista.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('xfce4-blog','http://j1m.net/','General');
    VALUES ('Xubuntu Blog','http://xubuntu.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('Xubuntu Blog','http://xubuntublog.wordpress.com','General');
    VALUES ('Yet Another [a compléter]','http://garuma.wordpress.com','General');

    No sweat. A little search-and-replace, a little clipboard magic, and there it is. Merry belated Christmas. :)

    I had to set them all to General, of course. And I don’t know what you need as delimiters, but I prefixed apostrophes with a backslash, so they should be easy to find. And watch out for ampersands. And note that I append non-English blogs with their language code in parentheses. Have fun!

  9. 9 Dr Small 2008/01/27 at 1:27 PM

    Oww. That looks sweet. I certainly will be working on this next chance I get :)
    (I got to go to bed right now :P)

  10. 10 nikopsk 2008/01/27 at 1:54 PM

    I love his idea, I was like 10th there… lol

  11. 11 urukrama 2008/01/27 at 9:25 PM

    As a reader of your blog, I quite like having the links on the right. After reading yours, I regularly click one at random. It’d be a pity if they were gone :(

  12. 12 Dr Small 2008/01/28 at 11:26 PM

    Currently the LinuxBlog project is down. Well, the entire host of 8ez.com is down. I think their moving to another server, so let’s hope I don’t lose anything… If I do, I’ll just have to reupload some stuff to get the LinuxBlog project going again, but that will total my blog :(

    I make database backups every night, so I always have the latest :)

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