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After the example of the Hardware page I’ve added a Software page, which saves me the trouble of repeating dull posts about the software I prefer. And really I’m so finicky and fleeting about my favorite programs that I could make an entire blog alone on the applications I install and try out. But that would be so boring that nobody would read it.

Some I use in Ubuntu, some I use in Arch and some in both. Some are standard in most distros and some are newer and need your personal attention to get started. Either way, check it out for a better look at what I prefer. Best of all — screenshots! Everybody loves screenshots. :D

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1 Response to “Added Software page”

  1. 1 Wolf Vorkian 2007/12/12 at 4:20 PM

    Thanks for doing some of the leg work for me K. I really liked a couple of your suggestions .. Audacious and Mirage.

    Audacious is quite the little jewel. Very intuitive and even plays streaming radio stations if you can figure out the link.

    Same for Mirage, easy to use too and does the job well.

    Both of these are keepers afaic.

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