All blog content is now GFDL

I’ve been thinking hard and long about this, and I’ve decided that there’s very little innovative or exceptionally earth-shattering material here, and so I’m changing the license on blog content to the GFDL. I’ve posted the terms of the license on the About page.

I was previously using a Creative Commons license that basically asked you to credit me if you were using narrative from the site. I don’t think it’s really such a big deal now, and I’d be flattered if there was something here that was useful to someone else.

But I’m over that whole narcissism thing that made me want credit for the stuff I’d written. None of it is that stellar. I’ll be grateful if you reuse it and mention you got it from me, but otherwise, it’s not that important.

I’ve changed the licensing tags on the About page and in the sidebar, and I’ve updated the Feisty guide as well, to show the new license. If you spot the old Creative Commons thing anywhere else, let me know.

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