Culling out the blogs

It’s the end of the month again, so I’ve weeded through my list of active Ubuntu blogs on the right, and thrown out the dead, the abandoned and the misguided.

In general, I like to keep a list of current Ubuntu blogs on my page, for when I get bored. But if you’re only writing about Ubuntu once in a while, it’s not enough for inclusion. And if you don’t post anything even vaguely Linux-related, I toss it out. And if you walk away for a month, you disappear into the electronic ether.

And I know it’s not ideal, but I usually only keep English language blogs.

(I should mention that I’ve been rather forgiving lately, allowing other distros to be included. That stems in part from the fact that I’ve been using Arch a lot lately, and so it’s not necessarily just Ubuntu. It’s definitely top-heavy in that sense, though.)

Of course, if you have a blog and you want it listed here, tack your link on and I’ll add it … provided it meets the aforementioned criteria. ;)

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