One final screenshot

Edit: Unfortunately, the images originally included in this post are gone, because of hosting problems in late 2009. My apologies.

I think this will be the final entry. I’ve turned off commenting (or rather, sent comments to moderation) and if I get the chance, I’ll leave a note here and there about life in a new country and a new culture. For the remainder of the week, it looks like I’ll be busy with moving and packing.

Here’s one last screenshot, as one part inspiration … and one part thumb-to-the-nose to heavy desktop users and Vista victims everywhere! :D

That, of course, is my beloved 1Ghz Dell Inspiron 8000 with a 64Mb Geforce4 440 Go and 512Mb of PC133, running Beryl-plus-Emerald alone, with lxpanel 0.2.4 as a semitransparent taskbar along the left side. No Gnome, no Vista — all on hardware that was obsolete in 2001.

And there’s a not-so-secret message in there too, just to keep everyone entertained.

Cheers, all!

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Some recent desktops

May 6, 2011
Musca 0.9.24 on Crux Linux
150Mhz Pentium 96Mb 8Gb CF

May 14, 2011
IceWM 1.2.37 and Arch Linux
L2300 core duo 3Gb 320Gb

Some recent games

Apr. 21, 2011
Oolite on Xubuntu 11.04
L2300 core duo 3Gb 320Gb

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