Feisty minus 24 hours: ComplexNumber’s backup script

Along the same lines as the previous post, this is a script by ComplexNumber that will tar up a good number of the files on your installation and drop them into a directory, ready to be copied or burned to a CD. It’s a convenient way of duplicating a lot of the same files I suggested you mirror in the last post.

The script is tarballed into a file and attached here with a .doc extension (just cut the .doc off to decompress it; I only do that so WordPress doesn’t have a cow when I upload it), but I took the liberty of pasting it into the Ubuntu-NL pastebin, too. Copy it out, paste it into a text editor, save it and make it executable. From there you should be able to trigger it from a command line.

I should add that I see no reason why the script wouldn’t run under other distros. A lot of files that are compressed are Gnome-based, so if you’re not using Gnome, you should probably redirect the script to look elsewhere for some of your files and settings.

If you like it and it saves you time, send a quick word of thanks.

A word to the wise: Look at the code before you run it on your machine. Don’t rely on me or ComplexNumber to back up your system for you, and make sure you know what it will copy and compress, and where the end results are.

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