Another good reason to refurb old computers

Who would’ve thought? Twenty-three bids and more than 335 pageviews, and I never expected that to hit $140! :shock: I expected maybe $50, but not nearly three times that! Woo-hoo! :mrgreen:

The best part is that it was assembled from old bits and pieces, so aside from a $29 hard drive and a $5 can of paint (and about three or four hours of my life to paint and reassemble it), I put almost no money into it.

If I had a consistent source of secondhand parts, I’m pretty sure I could make a regular profit out of rebuilding and polishing Xubuntu machines. Maybe I should start looking a little closer at …

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1 Response to “Another good reason to refurb old computers”

  1. 1 Richard 2007/04/03 at 2:07 PM

    I very much in enjoy your blog,Found your blog in “Tag Surfer”.And i too did up a computer with many parts second hand and then sold it for a nice proof.

    Newly converted Ubuntu User

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