That pixel art wallpaper

The wallpaper I’m using in the March 20 screenshot is off PixelJoint, and is an amazing piece of work by daporta.

I would highly recommend downloading it, and leaving a little +1 for him/her in your wake. If you do decide to use it as wallpaper, remember that it’s pixel art, so don’t resize or scrunch it in any way. The effect is lost if you smear the resolution.

As side notes, the GTK theme is Rezlooks-clear, the Openbox theme is p0ng’s obMurrina and the icon set is Tango-OldPlainGray. For some reason I’m sticking with the default X11 cursor now, and of course, I’ll pretty much only use Dejavu Sans for a font. I’m unique that way, probably.

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2 Responses to “That pixel art wallpaper”

  1. 1 raymondchase 2007/03/21 at 6:05 PM

    Hey thanks.

    That’s some very nice artwork, and I will (try) remember to +1 daporta once I grok the PixelJoint site. Fantastic ‘site, that.

    Also the MaCoPix thing will definitely contribute to my efforts in promoting desktop ubuntu here in the home.


  2. 2 Einherjan 2007/03/22 at 5:53 AM

    That is frickin amazing. I never seen pixel art so good. The rest of Daporta’s work is awesome too. Great find.

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