Jamendo killed my mp3 collection

After careful deliberation I decided to pull the plug on about 30Gb of music I’ve been hoarding for the past few years. Yes, most of it was illicit — although I did rationalize by telling myself that I did, in most cases, buy those albums at least once, a long time ago.

But to be honest, it wasn’t worth it to me to keep them any longer. I can think of about four albums out of around 300 that I actually listened to with any frequency. The others were rarely in use, and that’s a rather liberal way of putting it.

Add to that the fact that most of the music I listen to now is downloaded from Jamendo, and is perfectly legal and free. I spend more time listening to Revolution Void or Fonetik or Vate than Bob Marley or Public Enemy. So why in the world was I keeping it all?

It’s Ubuntu’s fault, really. If I hadn’t gotten started on the free software ride, I wouldn’t have any compunctions about stolen music. What’s 300 stolen albums when you’ve collected $2000+ in stolen software?

All that aside, I opened PCManFM this morning, highlighted all the stuff I don’t listen to, and pressed the delete key. It’s gone, and to be honest, I don’t miss it.

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7 Responses to “Jamendo killed my mp3 collection”

  1. 1 lkratz 2007/03/21 at 2:01 AM

    Hi from Luxembourg !

    I really like you blog entry, we are very happy you found music you like on Jamendo.

    We are working on http://www.oggtheworld.org : another small front end to jamendo more dedicated to linux (ubuntu ;) ) users.

    I’d really like to link this page to ubuntu forums !


  2. 2 gunnix 2007/03/21 at 12:31 PM

    Heh nice link! Had already thought there should be a network with free music only… and now I see it’s there! :)

    I also like this free music:
    - Attila the stockbroker: http://www.small-axe.com/attila/

    I also thought of deleting my non free music dir.. Could use the GB’s :)

    greetz, gunnix

  3. 3 the_conley 2007/04/01 at 7:00 PM

    I experienced the exact opposite as you.

    I used to have no music at all. Now I have 150 gigs of music, thanks to Jamendo. That’s nearly 25,000 tracks.

  4. 4 vate 2008/12/03 at 3:44 AM

    thanks for listening to vate!

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