Yes, Herd 5 is up

It seems a little more low-key this time, but Herd 5 is available via the CD/DVD ISO testing forum, the Launchpad ISO test tracker or a direct download from

I’m not sure why it was kept so quiet this time. I don’t recall even seeing an announcement on the mailing lists. Perhaps it’s the stealth release.

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1 Response to “Yes, Herd 5 is up”

  1. 1 Tristan Rhodes 2007/03/02 at 3:48 PM

    I was looking at the notes for Herd 5 on the Ubuntu wiki:

    Has anyone tried the VPN tool that is now included in Network Manager? I installed the extra package, something like network-manager-vpnc so I can now see the VPN configuration within Network Manager. However, I don’t see anyway to “Connect” to the VPN connection that I defined.



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