Since I mentioned it

The autologin tweak I mentioned in the last post is straight out of the Arch wiki. It works like a champ, and I like it even better than the autologin method for Ubuntu.

The instructions in the wiki are easy to follow and do a better job explaining it than I do here, so I won’t offer too much detail.

x:5:once:/bin/su kmandla -l -c "/bin/bash --login -c startx >/dev/null 2>/dev/null"

That’s the X spawn line from my inittab file. Replace ‘kmandla’ with your preferred user name and save the line into your inittab, and you’re one step away from a faster desktop.

And while you’re at it, dump KDM/GDM/XDM, would you? Nobody needs a prettified login. This is all about speed, friend.

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1 Response to “Since I mentioned it”

  1. 1 Randy 2008/10/24 at 12:59 AM

    I tried this method (on Arch). It’s OK and works well but what I didn’t like was that when I exited out of X, I got completely logged out of my account (i.e. I ended up at a login prompt. So then, to shutdown my laptop, I had to login to root and then enter poweroff. So I got tired of that really fast. I ended up using the bash_login method on the arch wiki, listed under “Method 3″

    It’s not an “autologin when I boot” method (I still have to login manually after boot), but X starts automatically after I log in and I don’t need to use a login manager. And when I exit out of X, I get dumped back to the console from which I can sudo poweroff or other command line stuff if I need to.

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