So long speedy; or, How much is that P4 in the window?

I’ve torn down the 2.26Ghz Pentium 4 I used for speed testing and break-it builds. I’ve decided it has more monetary value than it does around here, and as a result, it’s going the way of all flesh: eBay.

It’s not the only thing. I’m also bundling up a few pairs (and triples and even quadruples) of smaller hard drives (like 10Gb and less) and seeing if I can dump those on some poor unsuspecting soul.

Next is my endless pile of PC100 chips, and the stack of broken laptop shells I have on a shelf in the corner. Then the old power supplies, the leftover DVD-ROMs and the oddball network and video cards and motherboards.

I gotta clean this place up. It’s starting to look like a junk shop. :roll:

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