PyPanel fix for Edgy

fuscia says the fix left by dr.zombo is a winner. I haven’t tested it yet, but I’ll repost dr.zombo’s note here, so you don’t have to go wandering around my blog looking for the fix.

As I see it (and I haven’t actually tried this, because I don’t use PyPanel), you’re basically removing python-xlib, rebuilding it and reinstalling it. I’m not going to embellish this though, because again I don’t use PyPanel, and I don’t want to insert or remove something by accident that might prove to be key.


I got the same problem with pypanel for the last 2 hours, but then I did the following trick:

do an apt-get remove python-xlib

clear all dependencies for python-xlib:

apt-get install debhelper python-dev python-xlib libx11-dev libxft-dev libxpm-dev libimlib2-dev dpatch sed python-central

grab it from here:

unpack, and install it with python install

and finaly cd to pypanel and python install
taddaaa it works!!

cheers, dr.zombo

And so there it is. According to fuscia, it’s a winner. Hope it works for others as well.

Edit: I should mention that this kind of worked for me. I installed the packages dr.zombo listed (with the exception of python-xlib), then downloaded the source for both PyPanel and python-xlib. After decompressing, I used sudo python install to install both. After that, PyPanel started normally for me.

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